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Dr Neal Spowage is a musician and artist living and working in Leicester, UK. He studied a Fine Art Foundation then a Multimedia Design BA at De Montfort University, Leicester before concentrating on Music Technology for his MA, and his PhD under Dr John Richards and Professor Simon Emmerson. He designs, builds and composes with Sculptural Electronic Musical Instruments for Live Performance and realizes works for them using the disciplines of Dance, Video Art and Live Art. His works, and instruments have been performed at Polimoda and Asvoff Video Contest, Florence, For IFFTI (2015) (First Prize), Haptic Narratives in Greenwich (2015), Raktorhallen in Stockholm (2014), Fascinate Festival Falmouth (2013), Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music in Belfast, UK (2012), Live Interfaces in Leeds, UK (2012), Phoenix Square Digital Arts, Leicester, UK (2012), Chisenhale Dance Space (2011/13/14), Sheffield Access Space (2010) and Brunel Electronic and Analogue Music Festival, BEAM (2011).

Neal is an associate of SOMA projects and DAP LAB.

He has had papers published at New Interfaces for Musical Expression Conference Brisbane (2016), Fascinate Falmouth Conference (2013), Sound and Music Computing Conference Copenhagen (2012), New Interfaces for Musical Expression Conference Pittsburgh (2009) and some of his instruments appear in the Nic Collins book Handmade Electronic Music (2009) 2nd Edition. He has been a resident artist at STEIM, Amsterdam (2010), been a visiting researcher at Newcastle Culture Lab (2011) and given artist talks and seminars at STEIM (2011), UEA Norwich (2009) and Bournemouth University (2012).




He is an experienced rock musician who has released a commercial CD album, SUGAR (2009), on Resurrection Records with the Screaming Banshee Aircrew and performed in the UK, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands. He has supported The Chameleons Vox, The Damned and The March Violets. He is a significant ongoing contributor to the Dirty Electronics Ensemble in Leicester, and has been involved with Dirty Electronics events at the ICA London, Solder a Score (2011), and at BEAM (2011).

He has, notably, had a long term collaboration with the Choreographer/Dancer Danai Pappa and has supported and worked with musicians, choreographers and artists including Michele Danjoux, Anat Ben David (Chicks On Speed) Ania Sadkowska, Merzbow, Antonio De La Fe, The Agony Art Collective, Duncan Chapman, Anna Meredith, Chris Carter (Throbbing Gristle), Craig Vear (Wolfgang Press/Renegade Soundwave), Rolf Ghelar (Karlheinz Stochausen), Jim Spence (Johnny Marr/The Cribs/Black Grape) and Nic Bullen (Napalm Death).

Neal is currently working as a Part Time Casual Lecturer at De Montfort University, Leicester, UK on the Music Technology and Innovation/Performance degrees.